Multi-use pack ICT/Digital Tech & Computer Science Definition Images


Suitable for ICT, Digital Technology & Computer Science Multi-use Definition Image Pack covering 32 key topic areas and includes 200+ images.  Perfect for introducing new topics and key words.  Each graphic includes definitions, accompanied with appropriate images which are suitable to insert straight into PowerPoint Presentations, Posters and Virtual Learning Environments. This popular resource will save you endless hours of work!  Read on for full topic list.

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Business Studies Multi-use Definition Image Pack – topics included: World Wide Web & The Internet, Units of Data, Systems Software, Systems Life Cycle, Storage, Search & Sort Algorithms, Python, Programming Languages, Procedural versus Object Orientated Programming, Network Topologies, Network Security Threats, Network Resources, Network Communication Technologies, Legislation, Internet Technology, Input & Output Devices, Implications of Digital Technology, Images & Sound, High & Low Level Languages, File Handling, Error Handling Techniques, Data Types, Data Portability, Computer Ethics, Computer Components, Business & Manufacturing Technologies, Boolean Operators & Truth Tables, Binary & Hexidecimal, ASC11 & Unicode, Application Software, Algorithms Pseudocode & Flowcharts, Abstraction & Decomposition.

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