Key Stage 3 Computer Science: Web Design & HTML Project Pack


Inspire and enthuse young people to code and pursue further study in IT/Computer Science with this teaching and learning project pack which involves a real insight into Web Design and a great introduction to code using HTML.  Reducing endless hours of preparation for you, this pack includes 69 Presentation Slides, 26 page Student Booklet, Editable Style sheet/HTML documents and a 19 page Teacher Guidance booklet which includes answers to key tasks.  A PDF sample booklet and learning objectives are summarised below.
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Overall Course Aims:

  • Understand the fundamental background knowledge required for web design
  • Develop an interest and enjoyment of coding
  • Understand and appreciate some of the legal considerations required when building a website
  • Learn the key terminology associated with web design
  • Gain new practical skills that can be applied to a real-life scenario for a business and be useful for future employment
  • An opportunity for young people to be creative and develop entrepreneurial skills through a practical project

Provides a good foundation for students who move on to study GCSE IT/Digital Technology & Computer Science

Content Knowledge:

  • The Internet, The World Wide Web and key terminology
  • Key Legislation including: GDPR, Copyright, Computer Misuse, E-Commerce
  • Website Structures, Features and Tools
  • Effective Web Design
  • Website Management and Search Engine Optimisation
  • HTML and Key Tags


  • Setting up a basic website structure and use of key tags
  • Adding colour, styles and formatting
  • Inserting hyperlinks, lists and tables
  • Adding images and videos
  • CSS Stylesheets
  • Storyboarding and Project

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