Movie Motivation

MOVIE MOTIVATION – Second Act, 2018, Certificate 12, Starring Jennifer Lopez
Perfect for the Intrapreneurial Teacher, Business Students and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
If we are honest, most of us have made mistakes through life’s journey.  The important thing is that we learn from them.  Every day is another day for us all to get a second chance.  This can be applied in every area of our life, work and love.  So, do ensure you make the most of it!

Jennifer Lopez plays the role of Maya, an assistant manager who fails at getting a promotion because she fails to have the minimum qualifications i.e., a degree, which is a minimum requirement for the position as Manager.  Maya’s friend decides to reinvent her online profile, lying about her credentials and she somehow manages to land a consultancy role in a high-profile job, involving the development of a new organic skin cream product.  The story has a few twists and turns, and Maya eventually realises she has to come clean. The thrust of the story is that Maya does get a second chance to turn her life around and achieve her dreams.

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Key Questions & Discussion Points

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1) Maya did not have the opportunity to acquire a good education when she was young.   What are the key advantages of a having a good education and qualifications?
2) Not all entrepreneurs necessarily have a string of qualifications, but they do usually have skills and a passion for what they do.  What entrepreneur qualities does Maya demonstrate throughout the film?
3) What are the unique selling points of Maya’s new skin cream?
4) What experiences and connections led Maya to eventually starting her own business?
5) What mistakes have you made along the way that you have learned from?
6) What are you going to do with your second chance today?