Tuition is tailored to meet a wide range of needs.  SCROLL DOWN for further information.  Options include:
Remote Learning,  Ad-hoc Homework/Coursework & Study Support, 1-1 Tuition

Remote learning courses for Key Stage 3 & GCSE.  Short courses focus on specific topic areas.  Full courses will follow complete specifications.  Courses are perfect for guided learning and revision for key examinations.  Each course includes demonstration videos, interactive tasks, downloadable booklets and answers.  Allocated tutors are available (single user purchase) throughout enrollment period to answer any queries. We continue to develop these so keep watching this space!

There are also alternative monthly payment membership options for GCSEs coming soon *These will allow users to access specific pages, content following specific specifications and providing access to a complete video suite covering core content & practice exam questions.

We understand that sometimes students require one-off or minimal amount of support to help them with their studies.  For this reason we have added a number of Homework Help support options  *Note we will not do students homework or coursework for them.  However, we do offer an exam paper marking/feedback services, study support guidance and help with presentations for important assessments.

1-1 Tuition is specifically tailored to meet the individual’s need.
Daytime/Evening tuition.  Available weekly/fortnightly. However, Limited Spaces Apply

Deborah Fitzsimmons Contact Direct 07516 870224
  • GCSE/i-GCSE & A Level Business Studies (CCEA, OCR, Edexcel/Pearson)
  • A Level Professional Business Services (CCEA)
  • GCSE/i-GCSE & A Level Economics (Edexcel/Pearson)
  • GCSE & A Level Digital Technology: Theory only (CCEA)
  • GCSE/i-GCSE IT and Computer Science: Theory only (All Specifications)
Vicki Campbell Contact Direct 07752 090151
  • GCSE/i-GCSE & A Level Mathematics (All Specifications) 
  • GCSE/i-GCSE Science including: Physics, Biology and Chemistry (CCEA, Edexcel/Pearson)
  • GCSE Engineering (CCEA, Edexcel/Pearson)
Charlotte Ball Contact Direct 
07892 909997
  • GCSE/i-GCSE & A Level English (All Specifications) Charlotte Ball