Starting A Business

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One of the first and most important decisions entrepreneurs will have to make in order to set up legally is the business type/structure of their business.  Some of the most common types of start-up businesses across the UK include: Sole trader, Partnerships, Private Limited Company, and Franchise. In order to provide some ‘real life’ insights into why businesses choose to set up as a particular structure, view the video interviews below.

Craig McCullough
CMAL Book-keeping and Tax

Interview with … 
(Sole Trader)

 Vicky and Deniece , Keep-A-Beat NI (Partnership & Franchise)

Interview with
… (Ltd.)

Choosing a business structure

Many entrepreneurs who set up in business want to make a difference.  For some businesses the priority objective may not for profit, but instead to address social issues, promote a worthy cause and provide support in this area.  In this instance, businesses may consider the options either to become a Social Enterprise or set up as a charity.  Sometimes businesses initially set up as a for-profit type and later choose to evolve into these structures.

Interview with …

Interview with …

Interview with …

Social Enterprises & Charities

One of the first sections of any business plan is a space for businesses to consider their core aims and objectives.  Essentially it is important for a business to consider what they want to achieve and how to they are going to get there!

Business Aims & Objectives