KS3 Mathematics: Angles


Key Stage 3 Mathematics course for reinforcing learning and revision.  Mathematics is a core skill, fundamental to our every day lives and the workplace. This short course focuses on covering all those tricky aspects of Angles.  10% Discount if signed in as a FREE or PAYING STUDENT/PARENT MEMBER!
Sold By: HSOD: Author Victoria Campbell

Work in Mathematics at Key Stage 3 broadly follows the National Curriculum for 11-14 year olds.  The course is aimed at covering the main concerns that KS3 students may have. Students have access to complete and revisit this short course for 90 days1 USER LICENSE: The author owns the copyright of the contents of this course and one purchase provides access to the course for one user.


  • Estimate, Measure, Draw and Label Angles up to 360°
  • Calculate Angles on a line and at a point
  • Calculate Angles within Shapes
  • Understanding of Corresponding, Alternate and Supplementary Angles

Course includes Multimedia, Downloadable presentation & student workbooks and answers.