Key Stage 3 IT/Computer Science: Web Design & HTML Site Licence


A 10 lesson taster introduction & project for students considering IT or Computing as a GCSE option, those who love practical learning and the aspiring Web Designer!  The minimum purchase for a Site Licence is for 50 users, accessible for 90 days from purchase.  Automated 10% Discount if signed in as a FREE EDUCATOR MEMBER! Scroll down to view details of course content and site licence management.

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Sold By: HSOD: Author Deborah Fitzsimmons


  • The course includes 10 lessons and covers both theory and practical content on Web Design and HTML
  • Course content is structured through learner objectives, videos and student booklet instructions
  • The downloadable PDF student booklet includes instructions, examples (including code) and interactive tasks to consolidate and extend learning
  • Throughout the course the student will create 2 one page websites for practicing and a 3 page website at the end using HTML and CSS

Lesson 1 The Internet and WWW, Lesson 2 Key Legislation, Lesson 3, Effective Web Design,
Lesson 4 Introduction to Website Management, Lesson 5 Introduction to HTML, Lesson 6 Styles & Formatting, Lesson 7 Links Lists and Tables, Lesson 8 Images and Videos, Lesson 9 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Lesson 10 Storyboarding and Project Task

Course includes: Multimedia, Downloadable presentation & student workbook.  Guided answers also provided.