GCSE English Language Short Course 3: Sentence Forms


This GCSE English Short Revision Course is designed to enhance and support learning & revision across all GCSE English specification examinations.  10% Discount if signed in as a FREE or PAYING STUDENT/PARENT MEMBER!  Scroll down to view details of course content.
Sold By: HSOD: Author Charlotte Ball

Writers use a variety of sentence forms for effect on the reader. Understanding how they do this is fundamental for answering questions about language and structure. It is also something you should be doing yourself in your own writing!

Topics covered in this short course include:

  • What sentence forms are
  • Five common types of sentence forms to look out for
  • How writers use sentence forms to change pace
  • How writers use lists to emphasise number and variety
  • How sentences can be used to alter the effect of real literature

Course includes Multimedia, Downloadable presentation & student workbook.  Guided answers also provided.

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