GCSE English Language Short Course 1: Writing Narratives


This GCSE English Short Revision Course is designed to enhance and support learning & revision across all GCSE English specification examinations.  10% Discount automatically applied if signed in as a FREE OR PAYING STUDENT/PARENT MEMBER!  Scroll down to view details of course content.
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Put simply, a narrative is a story. It is a series of events told in a logical order. Narratives can be both fiction or non-fiction, but either way having a good knowledge of what makes up a narrative and how writers use story elements for effect can help you greatly in your own compositions!

Topics covered in this short course include:

  • Narrative arcs: elements and features of a story
  • Creating settings
  • Inventing characters
  • Structural features

Course includes Multimedia, Downloadable presentation & student workbook.  Guided answers also provided.

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