First Aid Classroom Poster Set


Accidents will always happen randomly in school, no matter how careful you are.  Our go-to guide (set of 10 posters) will be handy for you when an accident happens, especially if you are the person left with the casualty until the assigned First Aider comes to assist.  Keep-A-Beat view this pack as an essential for every classroom.  Full topic list and sample images provided. 10% Discount if signed in as a FREE EDUCATOR MEMBER!

Sold By: Keep A Beat NI

First Aid Classroom Poster Set includes dealing with:
– Allergic/ Anaphylactic reactions
– Cuts and grazes
– Bumps and bruises
– Nose bleeds
– Vomiting
– Fainting
– Epileptic Seizures
– Diabetic Reaction
– Sports Injury: sprains and strains
– Sports Injury: broken or dislocated bones