GCSE Business Studies Crossword UNIT 1


GCSE Business Studies crossword site licence covering 16 topic areas in Unit 1 to assist with the recognition and learning of key business terminology.  Resources include: Student Booklet and Teacher Booklet with answers.  This popular resource will save you endless hours of work! Read on to view topic list and Sample Document.


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Sold By: HSOD: Author Deborah Fitzsimmons

Business Studies Crossword Pack UNIT 1 topics include:
Entrepreneurs, Business Resources,  Business Ownership, Public Sector, Social Enterprise, Business Location, Aims & Objectives, Stakeholders, Market Research, The Marketing Mix,  Competition, Customer Service, International Trade, E-Business, M-Business, Types of Production, Methods of Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Health & Safety.  Once purchased, you will automatically receive the PDF document which details the link to download.


Teachers are granted permission solely to print and use materials electronically for specialist teachers and pupils studying the subject at their school.

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