KS3 & GCSE Mathematics VC

Lesson 1 – Circles: Area & Circumference

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to Label a circle
  • Learn formula for Area & circumference of a Circle
  • Learn how to apply formula in both numerical & word type questions
Circles – Area & Circumference

Lesson 2: Double Variable Equations

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn what “Double Variable” means
  • Learn how to bring alike terms together
  • Be able to do same operations to both sides of the equals sign
  • Solve equation for variable
Lesson 2: Double Variable Equations

Lesson 3: Expanding & Simplifying Single Brackets

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to expand each bracket in turn
  • Be able to list each calculation individually
  • Bring together alike terms
  • Learn what an expression is
Expanding & Simplifying Single Brackets

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