Legal Issues & Business Ethics

When starting a business it is important to have knowledge of key legislation that will have an impact on how the business is operated.  Ethics relates to how the public view decisions made by a business in terms of whether it is ethical ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  For example: where the businesses raw materials or products are sourced, the treatment of employees, customers and suppliers, impact on the environment and the businesses marketing image.   Business Stakeholders include anyone with an interest in the business, particularly in relation to legal issues and business ethics.  Key Stakeholders include: Owners/Directors, Shareholders, Leaders/Managers, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Lenders, Local Community, Pressure Groups and Government.

Legal Aspects of Running A Business

Key Legal Issues a business must consider: 

  • Registration with HRMC/Company House/Other Bodies
  • Tax Returns
  • Business Insurance Protection
  • Banking
  • Data Protection (The Data Protection Act/GDPR)
  • Copyright, Design & Patents Act
  • Consumers Rights Act
  • The Health & Safety At Work Act
  • Employment Legislation

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 Business Insurance

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Business Ethics

Business Stakeholders