Introduction to English Language

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English is both an art and a science, covering everything from poetry to linguistics. It encapsulates so many life skills in one subject, from understanding the perspectives of others to communicating your own ideas in a clear, useful way. My passion for English stems from a love of literature and an enthusiasm to share my knowledge, inspiring the next generation of confident, capable communicators!
Charlotte Ball

GCSE English Language Basics 1: Word Classes

Choosing words (making lexical choices) is the most fundamental way a writer can influence the reader.  As part of English Language, we must be able to comment thoughtfully and accurately on the choices writers make, identifying the kinds of words a writer is using and how they affect the reader.

Verbs & Nouns

Adjectives & Adverbs

Determiners & Prepositions


ENGLISH SUBJECT KEY NOTES  *Also includes some of Charlotte’s top tip videos

ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Introduction, Verbs, Nouns & Pronouns; Adjectives & Adverbs; Determiners & Prepositions; Conjunctions
EL SPEC SUMMARIES: A summary of the main specifications for GCSE English Language
CONNOTATIONS & SEMANTICS: Introduction, Tone, Connotations and Semantic Fields
SENTENCE FORMS: Introduction, Simple & Compound Sentences, Complex Sentences & Lists, Fragment/Minor Sentences,
Rhetorical Questions & Exclamations
FEATURES & TECHNIQUES: Introduction, Similies & Metaphors, Personification & Pathetic Fallacy, Oxymoron & Repetition, Anaphora & Alliteration, Sibilance & Onomatopoeia
DESCRIPTIVE WRITING: Introduction, Imagery, Themes, Tone
NARRATIVE WRITING: Introduction, Narrative Writing 1, Narrative Writing 2
INFORMATION RETRIEVAL: Introduction, Information Retrieval, Explicit & Implicit Information
TEXT STRUCTURE: Introduction, Text Structure
LANGUAGE ANALYSIS: Key Vocabulary, Point Evidence Explain
PRESENTATIONAL FEATURES: Introduction, Presentational Features
COMPARISONS & EVALUATION: Introduction, Comparisons, Evaluation
ENGLISH GCSE PAST PAPERS: Direct hyperlinks to assessment samples and recent past papers for key examination boards to save you and your students time manually searching