Introduction to Business & Enterprise

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Starting a business is usually a BIG DECISION and can change the course of your life.  I thoroughly enjoy being an entrepreneur.  It involves a great deal of commitment and sacrifice, but I love what I do and continue to enjoy the journey.  Along the way I have met so many inspiring people and you will meet some of them who star in my videos, helping to bring the business theory to life.  Deborah Fitzsimmons

The Role of Business Activity, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Understanding Customer Needs and Adding Value

Business Planning

Developing skills and experience as a young entrepreneur

Business Support for the Entrepreneur

The UK government has a keen interest in supporting and encouraging enterprise. Businesses provide goods and services at home (domestic) and abroad (exports).Businesses also provide employment and pay tax; therefore providing a vital input into funding public services such as the National Health Service and Education.  Within the budget allocated to regional governments, a certain  allocation is dedicated to support the development and growth of businesses.  Funding is distributed to various departments; for example Education & Training, Economic Development.  Departments will further distribute the funding to local councils and other major players who provide support in developing regional and local economies.  Local councils may also put specific projects or programmes out to tender, which private companies can compete for to deliver.  In addition, numerous private companies have set up right across the UK to provide networking opportunities, programmes and moral support for entrepreneurs.

Examples of support for new-starts and growing businesses:
The Princes Trust
Local Council Programmes – example below *Check what your local council offers
Invest NI or Equivalent
Local Enterprise Agencies – example below *Do a search for your local enterprise agency
Networking Groups – examples below *Check online for groups in your area

Business & Enterprise:  Text & Video Introduction, The Role of Business Activity, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship; Understanding Customer Needs and Adding Value; Business Planning; Developing skills and experience as a young entrepreneur
Why Study Business: Text & Video Introduction, Summary of Main Specifications, Business Support for the Entrepreneur
Starting A Business: Text & Video Introductions, Choosing A Business Structure, Social Enterprise & Charities, Business Aims & Objectives
Legal Issues & Business Ethics: Text & Video Introductions, Legal Aspects of Running A Business, Business Ethics, Business Stakeholders
Markets & The Economy: Introduction, Introduction to Markets, Key Sectors of the Economy, The Basic Economic Problem,
Introduction to Demand & Supply
Marketing Introduction: Introduction, The Role of Marketing, Market Research, The Marketing Mix
Organisational Design: Introduction, Decisions on Organisational Design, Organisational Structures, Organisational Culture, Communication Methods
Human Resources: Introduction, Recruitment & Selection, Types of Employment, Training & Development, Methods of Motivation
Production: Introduction, Methods of Production, Introduction to Suppliers, Stock Control, Quality
Finance: Introduction, Sources of Finance, Financial Documents, Financial Ratios 
Business Technologies: Introduction, Internet Technology, Other Business & Manufacturing Technologies, Other Implications of Digital Technologies
Business Growth: Introduction, Methods of Business Growth, Economies of Scale, Globalisation & International Trade
Business GCSE Past Papers: Direct hyperlinks to assessment samples and recent past papers for key examination boards to save you and your students time manually searching