Foresight Profiling for Senior Leadership Teams

If you are seeking a way to develop your Senior Leadership & Management Teams
and/or Strategic Working Groups, this could be the perfect solution!

The training involves participating staff taking a 10-minute-online-self-assessment to identify their ‘thinking profile’ in advance of the delivery of a one-off 2 hour interactive training session.  This programme has proven research results used by famous successful companies and leading education establishments, and is excellent for self-awareness, improving collaborationproblem solving and enhancing innovation e.g., Implementing and Managing Whole School Development Initiatives.   Read on to find out more .

FourSight Thinking Profile reveals 15 ways that people take on tasks and find (or get lost on) their way to their goals.  Challenges are places we often get stuck.  We over analyse.  We run out of ideas.  We delay action.

Understanding FourSight Thinking Profile helps individuals to understand themselves and others, transforms their ability to solve complex problems, take on challenges more effectively and increases collaboration and innovation. 

It is a 10-minute self-assessment, universal problem-solving framework that is easy to understand and apply, valid and reliable, based on 20 years of research. 

School/College Groups *Heavily Discounted
£150 Training Delivery plus profiling £30 pp

Optional Addition:
Team Profile Summary Report

Training can be delivered Face to Face (NI local) OR Online via zoom

Where Does FourSight Come From?
In the early 1990s, Gerard J. Puccio, Ph.D., a professor at the State University of New York (SUNY), began to investigate the correlation between problem-solving behaviour and thinking preference. After rigorous testing and validation studies, Puccio partnered with professional facilitators, technologists and designers to create the “FourSight Thinking Profile.” His 36-item assessment is a simple way to measure people’s preferences for the four types of thinking that are essential to solving any task or challenge that needs new thinking.

Today, Puccio is a “SUNY Distinguished Professor” and chair of their Masters Program in Creativity and Change Leadership. His ongoing research continues to shed light on the critical interplay of people and the processes they use to achieve breakthroughs.  

The FourSight Thinking Profile has been used with more than 100,000 people all over the world including people in Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Belgium, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Italy, Greece, Poland, France, China, Singapore, Maylasia, South Africa, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

Examples of companies and Organisations who have used Foresight Training & Personal Profiling:

Forbes, Fast Company, Amazon, NIKE, BBC, IBM, Leading Universities and Schools across America and Europe.
“If you need more creative solutions, figure out which of the thinking archetypes need to put their heads together” FORBES
“FourSight has created a four-prong method used by businesses and in classrooms to help promote and demystify the creative process” FAST COMPANY