The Perfect Pitch for Business

Aspiring Entrepreneurs cannot fail to learn from watching some of the Dragon’s Dens shows, even if it involves a little bit of drama!  The following episode with James Shedden, Exactly Limited was featured in 2007.  8 key questions/areas for discussion can be found below for takeaway learning and FREE downloadable worksheet for Business Studies Educators.

My passion for Education, Business, Enterprise and Digital Technology are often all combined in one Dragon’s Den show.  Here are some of the reasons why it is one of my favourite shows:

  1. It provides opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to attain investment from experienced investors
  2. Banter between the dragons is entertaining and sometimes downright funny
  3. It is a great way to learn about what to do and what not to do when delivering a pitch to investors
  4. I enjoy learning about aspiring entrepreneurs and new ideas under development
  5. It provides great case study material that can be linked to both Business & IT and an opportunity for follow up challenges for students. 
  6. It is also a fantastic show for the aspiring entrepreneur – you will learn a lot!


1) What problems did James solve with his single egg cooker?
2) What makes his invention unique?
3) How does the design work?
4) What issues did the dragon’s raise with his invention and why did they see it as a risky investment?
5) What fatal errors did James make during his pitch to the dragons?
6) In the end what dragon/s offer investment and what deal did James walk away with?
7) What other similar products are available on the market today and how do they differ from James’s?
8) How could James have improved his ‘pitch’ and his ‘product’?