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Movie Magic: The Social Network.  An outline of the story, 10 Questions to consider for group discussion AND FREE student activity worksheet

The story line of The Social Network focuses on the Facebook start-up story that emerged when Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard University, charged with drama and a lawyer battle about who deserves the credit and financial return from the idea.   10 Questions are proposed below for further reflection and discussion.  There are also a couple of FREE downloadable worksheets relevant to Business & IT/Computer Science studies. *GO2Educate have no control over YouTube Ads or subsequent videos on the Official Trailer.  Be aware the film is rated Certificate 12 with some references to sex, alcohol and drugs. 

The film centres around founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  According to the source material can’t be taken as fully accurate and David Kirkpatrick, author of the ‘Facebook Effect’ stated in that the film is only 40% true.  While the characters and some of the storyline may not be fully truthful, it does provide some insight into how Facebook originated, lessons we can all learn about the issues of privacy and power and the hurdles many entrepreneurs experience along the route to success.  IMDb rated the show as 4* with 637,721 votes. 


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1) What key entrepreneur traits are displayed in Mark Zuckerberg’s character?
2) What was the inspiration and concept behind Facebook that eventually leads to a global social network?
3) What knowledge and skills did Mark Zuckerberg have that allowed him to develop the idea?
4) What significant struggles and hurdles did Mark Zuckerberg experience during the rise to Facebook’s success?
5) What made Facebook unique in 2004?
6) What key factors led to Facebook’s success?
7) As other competitors entered the market Facebook evolved.  Facebook now has over 2.8 billion followers and over 1 billion Instagram followers (  What factors continue to secure Facebook’s success?
8) Who is Facebook’s main target audience?  How do they compare to other social media competitors? 
9) What ethical issues/concerns have arisen in more recent times over social networks?
10) What security measures and changes have been made to social media platforms to help overcome these?

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