Deborah Fitzsimmons
MIoL, BA (Hons) 1st Class QTS,  MEd, PQH NI.
Specialist Subjects: Education, Coaching & Mentoring, Business & Enterprise, Digital Technology (join FREE Member package to access free resources, resources also available in SHOP).

I extend a warm appreciation for gracing my website with your presence. In 2017, GO2Educate was conceived and launched, marking a significant chapter in my professional journey following a seventeen-year career as a dedicated post-primary educator. My enduring passion lies firmly rooted in the field of education and training, where I continually strive to enhance my expertise. This commitment encompasses the realms of coaching techniques, educational pedagogy, business theory and practice, as well as staying attuned to the ever-evolving educational landscape.

The core mission of GO2Educate is to effect meaningful change in the lives of educators, both personally and professionally, with a singular focus on empowering you to realise your aspirations.

In addition to my role as a Professionally Qualified Coach working with individual clients and educational institutions, my professional journey has expanded to encompass the role of a Business Mentor/Coach since 2019. My experience further extends to serving as an Associate Education Lecturer and leading the development of Peace Youth Programmes. Presently, holding the position of Leadership Performance Coach for the NPQSL (Teacher Senior Leadership) programme, and occasionally dip into the classroom to keep my perspectives fresh and help out a local school.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you on your journey towards professional growth and fulfilment.  Should you wish to know more about my background, scroll down for further information.

Best Wishes, Deborah

– Peace Youth Programmes: Project Manager/Programme Development, Senior Leadership Teams (2018, 2021-2023)
– Lead PISA Test Administrator, PEARSON (2023)
– Enterprise Manager leading Enabling Enterprise Programme & Youth Projects (2019-2022)
– 14 years as Head of Department (2003-2017) with a track record of high achievement
Other positions held during this time include: Year Tutor, Whole School ICT Coordinator, School Website Manager/PR Team, Assistant Timetabler/Curriculum Team, Specialist School Senior Management Team, Associate SLT.  Other roles held include: Teacher Representative PTA, Board of Governors
– Examiner/Team Leader, PEARSON (2002)

– Educational Consultant (2017-date)
– Accredited Business Consultant (2019-date)
– Professional Coach/Mentor (NPQSL/School Leadership Teams), Programme Development (2019-date)
* ILM Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching & Mentoring
– Tutor: Business, Digital Technology (2017-2023)
– Examiner (CCEA/Pearson Respectively, various contracts ongoing)
– Undergraduate Lecturer at Teacher Training College: Business & Economics, Professional Learning, Dissertations, Teacher Placement Mentor (2021)
– External Trainer Young Enterprise (2018)
– Associate Assessor Education Training Inspectorate (ETI – Ofsted Equivalent 2016)

– Assistant Financial Accountant (UNI Summer Work)
– Cashier/Clerk Banking, Human Resources Officer (1991-1996)
– Assistant Youth Worker (1998-2000)